Jim Orr - Trustee Place 7

Your Collin College Trustee Until 2021

Hi, I am Jim Orr. I ran a successful race for Collin College Board of Trustees - Place 7 and was sworn in June 23, 2015. I am accoutable to all of the citizens of Collin county and take my responsibilities very seriously. I will do my best to ensure that the College grows with the community, is well managed, and keeps up with new technology that is vitally important to the success of its students, faculty and administration.

While did run a very frugal campaign (less that one fifth the cost of my opponent), the majority of the funds came from our family account. The Trustee position is purely voluntary and is not compensated, so please consider a donation so that I can come a little closer to break-even. The easiest method is through the Paypal link below.

You can always contact me directly at the dedicated email I set up for Trustee business. jim@jimorr.us

Thank you for all of your support,


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