Jim Orr


Collin College Board of Trustees

Jim Has The Experience Collin College Needs In a Trustee


B.S. Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M, Attended on Lechner Academic Scholarship

MBA, Washington State University, Focus on Organizational Behavior and International Finance

Work Experience

I have spent much of my career in technology Business Development. Business Development requires strong understanding of your environment and an ability to work with very diverse personalities to deliver long term value. This experience has strongly and uniquely prepared me to be a Collin College Trustee.

Planner and Strategist have been in my title for many years. Technology development and the understanding of the market dynamics that surround this development provide the experiences and relationships. Collin College is facing a period of rapid change as new technologies are integrated into the learning environment. I have the experience to guide this transition.

Complex financial planning is a key aspect to the role of Trustee. I have managed capital budgets in excess of $300M, dealing with all of the issues of program analysis that come with this responsibility. As part of strategy development, I have been involved in the acquisition of several companies and have been responsible for the financial analysis of those companies.

Global experience is a key component in developing a strategy to meet the increasingly global nature of education. I have been to all 50 states and over two dozen countries for work and with family. I know what our graduates face once they leave Collin College and will help to build a strategy that delivers competitive skills.

Building consensus in an organization as diverse as Collin College is a significant challenge. I have spent my career working inside and beside some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world. The skills in working with so many different cultures and personalities will serve Collin College well.

Thank you for all of your support,


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